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Bonsai Open discussion on using Xeric Plants as Bonsai specimens.. tips, tricks, techniques, plant selection..... and so on

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Old 01-26-2012, 03:12 PM
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Default What makes a succulent into a bonsai?

It seems to me that a number of caudiciforms naturally look like small trees, so when potted into a bonsai pot give a great effect. I am wondring if people do root or leaf pruning to bring down leaf size? I did download that great article from the Phoenix Bonsai Society

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Old 01-26-2012, 05:28 PM
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Default Bonsai = Plant in Tray

Although we all think of Bonsai as simply miniature formed plants (trees) it is actually a planting technique using shallow flat trays/bowls and planting our plants in them. The literal translation being planting in tray. So to answer your question, a lot of it is presentation and not a type or species of plant.

I have several Dudleya plants that through the course of many years of growing, have developed some very nice branching that allows them a somewhat "tree-like" appearance. However, they are growing in standard 4" plastic square pots. If I were to place them into a shallow bowl/tray/planter, most would perceive that as being a "bonsai" presentation.

The recent book by Philipe de Vosjoli - Pachyforms and Pachyforms II, both have great information on growning and creating succulent "bonsai" plantings and I highly recommend both of them.

In your neck of the woods, I would believe that Keith's Plant Books in England may be a good, lower cost source for cactus and succulent books or Amazon.com

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Old 01-28-2012, 04:34 PM
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I am just wondering if succulents respond to root pruning as typical woody plant bonsai do. Or maybe as you said, it is a matter of pot and display.

BTW I remember in the 1970s a number of plants from Mexico were being sold in LA as "bonsai" succulents. Thir claim to fame was being munched by goats and growing deformed. I forget wht species they were, but they never looked bvery good to me...

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