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Plant Breeding For the exchange of information relating to pollination and hybridizing such as pollen storage, stamen cutting, seed storage, seed sowing, and other related topics

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Old 06-26-2014, 12:07 PM
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Default Pollen

I read the excellent thread on pollen storage. How long does pollen stay viable without freezing? If I just collected it into a jar and left it on the bench, would I have a couple of weeks? I'm mostly trying some hard to find euphorbias.
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Old 01-12-2017, 11:50 PM
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It would depend on the weather conditions at the time. The hotter and more humid the weather is the faster the pollen loses viability. It would also vary between species/cultivars.

Till now (getting into aloes) I have only bred roses and bearded iris and with roses I throw the pollen out after a week but have had it work up to a month old without cold storage. Bearded iris pollen losses viability even faster without cold storage if left on the anthers. With bearded iris pollen that I want to use on cultivars that don't line up, I opt for short term cold storage by placing the anthers in a small aluminium beading jar when the pollen is dehiscing and shaking it vigorously to make the pollen coat the glass lid of the jar. The anther is thrown away and then it is left to dry overnight and then placed in the fridge where I can use it for about 2 months. This is my standard method of collecting rose pollen, too: cut off as many anthers as I'll need into the beading jar --> turn the jar upside down and leave the anthers to dehisc --> shake the jar vigorously to coat the lid with pollen (static attraction sticks it to the glass) --> use the lid as an applicator directly into the stigma or throw away the anthers and place into cold storage once dried overnight

(fresh Rosa longicuspis var. sinowilsonii pollen)

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